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About us

Afrixel is a dynamic consulting company with a focus on providing a complete suite of end-to-end business solutions to its customers and partners. We are pioneers in rendering smart, innovative and professional business solutions that improve business process and increase performance at all levels. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have successfully led and implemented complex business projects across industries.

We have a true passion for the African business development and growth, being inspired by an extensive experience in strategic process modelling. We do not believe in the “small business” concept. Every business is conceived with a potential to be a market leader, and so, in every project that we undertake our objective is to assist our varied clients to be seen, be heard, be connected.

Our Mission is to empower businesses with innovative solutions to embrace new opportunities. We are Africa's leading business and digital development agency, providing comprehensive design and development solutions. Our core values keeps us committed to creating value and sustainable solutions.

Business Process Management

We assist businesses model, re-engineer and optimize their processes to give value to their organization. By combining industry knowledge, best practices in various areas and high-end technologies, we assist companies enhance their business processes and models in response to paced and changing business market

Productivity & Collaboration

By leveraging the power of technology and human potential we strive to create a better ecosystem for your company and employees. Connecting the departments, managers, employees, machines and devices in united ecosystem empowers the entire organization. We assist your business to create platforms that enable people to share ideas and then work together to turn those ideas into reality.

Digital Transformation

We are all about achieving company’s goals within the context of quickly changing customer demands, market shifts and competitive challengers by putting technology in place that facilitates. Digital transformation will enable the ability to act based on data and opportunity.

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“As a service-orientated business, we recognise our very existence depends on how well we meet our customers’ expectations. Therefore, we pledge to deliver quality service that exceeds all expectations each time. ”

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